Extreme Martial Arts Center


Master Jeffrey Rohena

Master Jeffrey Rohena has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years. He holds a 7th Dan in Taekwondo and 5th Dan in Hapkido. As a Master Certified Instructor, he has trained many black belts including several instructors in our area.

Master Rohena strives to help each of his students perform at the highest level possible. He is a USAT certified coach, judge, and referee and performs these functions for the benefit of his students at local and national tournaments.  In addition he uses his background in law enforcement to routinely conduct safety and self defense classes.

Master Rohena is the owner of Extreme Martial Arts Center which, since 1998, has been the only martial arts school in Wilmington, North Carolina that is registered, certified, and recognized with the Kukkiwon, Han Moo Kwan, International Hapkido Federation (HKD), and USA Taekwondo (USAT).

Master Rohena offers certification and training to all of his students under the Kukkiwon, Han Moo Kwan, International Hapkido Federation, and USA Taekwondo.

Master Rohena would be honored to have you and/or your child train at his school.

See below for a list of his accomplishments:

Explanation of Federations

Kukkiwon - Worldwide governing body for Taekwondo
Han Moo Kwan - an original Kwan which later helped develop the Kukkiwon
HKD – a selected Hapkido federation approved by the government of Korea
USAT - National governing body for the US Olympic Committee
ITF - International Taekwondo

Extreme Martial Arts Center

Owner/Master Instructor

Han Moo Kwan / Founder Kyo Yoon Lee / In Hui Won

Aug 2015 - 7th Dan 
Aug 2010 - Certificate for dedication and contribution
Aug 2009 - 6th Dan

Jun 2005 - Certificate of Qualification to Instruct

2003 - 4th Dan

Apr 2000 - 3rd Dan
Dec 1999 - Letter of Reward
May 1998 - 2nd Dan
Mar 1997 - 1st Dan

Kukkiwon - World Taekwondo Headquarters

April 2017 Kukkiwon, Taekwondowon trip / South Korea
Mar 2014 - 6th Dan
Oct 2009 - Master Instructor (3rd Class)
Apr 2009 - 5th Dan
Sep 2007 - 4th Dan
May 2004 - 3rd Dan
Feb 2002 - 2nd Dan
Jun 2000 - 1st Dan

USA Taekwondo

2017 - Referee Course @ United TKD Carrborro NC 

2016 - Referee Course @ US Central TKD, Oklahoma City

2015 - Referee Course @ US Central TKD, Oklahoma City 

2014 - Referee Course @ US Central TKD, Oklahoma City   

2013 - Certified Referee Level C-1
Nov 2012 - WTF Certified Poomsae Referee Level 2
Jun 2012 - WTF Certified Poomsae Referee Level 1
Jan 2012 - Certified Referee Level C-2
Oct 2011 - PATU Poomsae Referee Level C-1
Jan 2011 – Certified Referee Level D-1
May 2011 – Gold medal @ State Championship (sport poomsae)
Jul 2011 – Bronze medal @ Nationals (sport poomsae)
Jul 2011 – Certified Coach Level 1
Jan 2010 – Certified Referee Level D-2
May 2010 – Gold Medal @ State Championship (poomsae)
May 2009 – Gold medal @ State Championship (breaking, poomsae and sparring)
Mar 2008 - 4th Dan
2007-present - Certificates of Annual Club Membership for Extreme Martial Arts Center
2007-present - Member as Athlete, Coach and Referee

Jung’s Taekwondo Academy

Jun 2007 - 5th Dan
Jan 2006 - 2nd Letter of Appreciation
Jun 2005 - Certificate of Qualification to Instruct
Feb 2003 - 4th Dan
Oct 2000 - 3rd Dan
Oct 1999 - 1st Letter of Appreciation
Mar 1998 - 2nd Dan
Feb 1997 - 1st Dan

International Taekwondo Federation

Oct 1987 - 1st Dan (In Puerto Rico, under the direct supervision of Master Daniel Baez, ITF Master under General Choi Hong-Hi)

International Hapkido Federation

May - 2015 EMAC is Register under the International Hapkido Federation (IHF) 

May - 2015 Letter of Appointment

May 2015 – 5th Dan (President Myung Sung Kwang)

March - 2015 Certificate of Seminar completion

Feb 2015 - Letter of Commendation

May 2011 – 4th Dan (President Myung Sung Kwang)

World Hapkido Federation

Sep 2008 - 3rd Dan (Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung)
May 2005 - 2nd Dan (Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung)
Jan 2003 - 1st Dan (Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung)

White Dragon School of Martial Arts

Aug 2000 - Certificate of Friendship
Aug 2000 - 1st Level of Black Belt


2009 – Gold medal / State Games / poomsae  & sparring
Jun 2008 - Judge and Referee at the States Games in Greensboro, NC
Jun 2007 - Certificate of Appreciation for Self Defense Instruction